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Debate and Conclusions of SEO companies at the IV Meeting of Agencies

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Debate and Conclusions of SEO companies at the IV Meeting of Agencies

SEO is the cornerstone of most online marketing strategies. COO Email List That is why a space dedicated to this matter could not be missing in the fourth edition of the Agencies Meeting . COO Email List The prelude to the table was led by MJ Caching , who contributed several important points in the latest SEO trends: Mobile : Our websites have to be adapted to the devices from which users search for us. Mobile searches already outperform desktop searches. Penalties : COO Email List Any action designed to get links, they have to be very white. A Google penalty could lead to the closure of a business. Competitors:

Through various tools we can study direct and indirect competitors. COO Email List Whoever is positioned for a keyword that interests us may not be a seller of my product. Trends  Not all trends in SEO are valid for our businesses, COO Email List so it is better to apply them with caution or discard them directly. SEO trends: the debate The first discussion table set the bar very high. Five professionals discussed the main problems of companies on Social Networks . COO Email List The subject of the second debate was SEO, an always controversial discipline. The speakers: five professionals who every day face brands that want to position their ecommerce businesses. COO Email List debate The speakers and some of their great reflections The debate was intense and the attendees did not stop tweeting their best phrases.

These were the speakers and some of the best reflections they left on the table. COO Email List Luis Villa Luis villanuevaanueva , from Webpositer “Let’s Gambling Email List forget about the keywords a bit and focus on the user’s search intention” Santiago Alonso Santiago Alonso de Ensalza ” COO Email List We are moving from great content to customer-relevant content” Anton ion López from ElBlogdelSEOantonio Lopez “Google is using artificial intelligence in its algorithms and is learning little by little from us” COO Email List Ismael varelaIsma Varela , from Mister Kiwi “Link building should not only be a matter of SEOs, other departments of the company should be involved” COO Email List  Juan Gonzalez Juan González de Ernesto Olivares Visual Information “

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