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Data analysis, so that you can understand the data

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Data analysis, so that you can understand the data

Students often complain that in the company, they are always urged to ask: What did you see through the data? But the actual data is just a few curves, and I don’t know how to interpret it. No one taught me, I finally wrote a few sentences, but I was disliked: “You are all nonsense, we Saudi Arabia Mobile Number want a deeper meaning.” What to do?

The same is true for business units making decisions. What they want to hear is: it’s not worth it, they don’t like it, they can’t afford it. What they want to hear more is: “Today’s lunch budget is only 50 per capita, and this Sichuan restaurant is both full and delicious.”

List hypotheses for verification

For example, the per capita amount of a restaurant on  is 185 yuan. It is not an isolated number, but the cost of Saudi Arabia Mobile Number filling the stomach, which is the real meaning of the per capita amount. If the cost is low, it is acceptable, but if it is high, it is unaffordable. This is the actual difference in data size. For example, my monthly budget for meals is only 3,000 yuan, which means only 100 yuan per day, so there is a standard. Then this meal of 185 will have to eat soil tomorrow. This forms a judgment: it is too expensive and has to be replaced.

Saudi Arabia Mobile Number

This is also the reason why many experienced business personnel can quickly judge the situation even if they do not have specialized data analysis, because they are very aware of what is happening in the business, understand the shape of the past performance curve, and look Saudi Arabia Mobile Number at the trend based on business performance. Blindly calculating year-on-year, month-on-month, average, and median is much more useful.

Six, in-depth details to see

After completing the previous step, it just helped everyone understand the meaning of the data. But did not answer any questions. If you stop at the previous step. You will become a business response bug: “The decline in performance is due to a heavy rainstorm” “This is a normal fluctuation. And it will definitely fall on the weekend”…


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