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creative and effective actions to optimize Online Advertising campaigns

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creative and effective actions to optimize Online Advertising campaigns

Last April we organized the 2nd edition of one of the most important Online Marketing events of the year, the PRO Marketing DAY. In it, my colleague Elena Caramel and I had the pleasure of sharing with the attendees 14 creative optimization actions applicable to any online advertising campaign. If you apply these actions, your advertising campaigns will improve their performance so that with less money you can obtain better results, Email Marketing for Pharmaceuticals  either by optimizing the CTR, improving the quality level, or changing the strategy and structuring of your campaigns. Below you have the video of our conference in Pro Marketing Day to give way to the list of actions.

The Rolling Stones are to rock what remarketing is to digital advertising. However, remarketing is not only based on making an advertising campaign towards users who have already visited your page, but you can go much further and put several conditions that must be met. Therefore, we propose 3 strategies that, in turn, include certain variables that each company must configure to their liking. A remarketing that many online stores use and that you should use if you haven’t already. It is about listing all the users who have added a product to the cart but have not gone any further. That is, users who have been about to buy .

Later we will talk about a specific strategy in this case with the IF function. If you have a YouTube channel and you are not using it in Google Ads, let me tell you that you are wasting your time and money. Within the Google Ads audience manager you can create audiences related to your videos. There are more than 10 options but I suggest you try the one called ” Gambling Gmail List Subscriber audience” , specifically those who saw and / or interacted with your videos. Let’s see an example using a couple of videos from Aula CM by Aleida Solís and Luis Villanueva on SEO issues.

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