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Copywriting formulas easy to apply in Digital Marketing

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Copywriting formulas easy to apply in Digital Marketing

The formulas copywriting can be great allies when writing the texts of your landing pages, your blog or your posts on social networks. They are very useful to create all kinds of ads or apply them in your email marketing strategy. Today we are going to analyze some of the best copywriting formulas and discover how to apply them in Digital Marketing. Ideas Plan Contents Blog What are Copywriting formulas Copywriting formulas work as a starting point for creating a message. They are basic structures from which we can form a text capable of persuading users in almost all types of conversions. However, you already know that when we talk about copywriting it is not about applying a recipe as is. Direct Moving Leads Before putting it into practice you will have to take into account several factors: REMEMBER: They are formulas, not magic formulas . Each action must have a strategy behind it. They don’t work on their own Clearly define your conversion goal. You must adapt your text to the needs of each objective, the more specific the text, the better it will convert. Define your target audience. Even applying the same formula, you will have to adapt it to the target target.

We cannot apply the same copy to a subscriber who has just given us their email address as to one who regularly opens our newsletters. Each situation and each user will demand a specific text. Keep in mind the basic rules of neuromarketing . Almost all of these methods shoot directly at the pain point of the user or customer. That is why it is important that you study the situation before launching the message. It guarantees the quality behind the copy . Your conversion rate will not be high if what you “sell” is not good. Make sure everything you offer (content, product or service). deliver on what you are promising in your texts. When you have all these points clear, you must also take the design into account . Good copy can often be ruined or tarnished by poor design. For example, a button that is misplaced, too large, too small, or with an unfavorable color can counteract the benefits of the text. You’d be amazed at how many conversions are ruined by poor design! This copywriting formula may be the most popular. This is not surprising, as it is a fairly old advertising recipe.

It was used before the digitalization of marketing, however it still works. This technique is very useful for certain conversions, such as capturing leads. It’s great for creating engaging headlines that include a call to action. Recommended for direct response ads, sales pages, email marketing, etc. Its acronyms are generally made up of the following concepts: Attention: Grab the attention of your user. Impact him, present a context with which he identifies and empathizes. Gambling Gmail List It is the part of the opening with which you hit the point of interest of your reader.  Interest: You already have their attention. Arouse his curiosity, create an interest in him, an urge for something. You can use statistics or data relevant to the user. If you are working on a landing, this is the moment when you encourage him to scroll.  Wish: Give them something they want. Deep down, the user already has the need, you are only “waking them up”. You must provide proof , which is the role that testimonials play within the sales websites. Action: Make him make a decision, take action. The time has come for the conversion to take place and the user to do what you want. What is the objective of your landing ot is important that you use calls to action well. Remember that the copy is as important as the design

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