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Consumers buy better from the computer than from the mobile

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Consumers buy better from the computer than from the mobile

Although the majority of online users prefer the computer screen to make purchases, german phone number format the rise of mobile phones forces companies and brands to study how users in the final phase of purchase behave in front of their mobile devices. german phone number format This fact, the increase in power of m-commerce, is causing online stores to effectively create and design their mobile spaces in order to reach the consumer who is always connected. german phone number format For example, a potential client who looks at his mobile during the commute from work to home or from home to work.

A recent study has analyzed how the user makes purchase decisions in front of the mobile german phone number format screen and the data provides information to understand the probabilities that exist for a potential customer to make a purchase in situations such as the one described above. At the end of the day, german phone number format the mobile is not the same as a computer, the size of the screen, the access to information and the purchasing processes are different on each device. The conclusion of this study is that, from the consumer’s point of view, german phone number format the best decisions (those we make when we are better informed) are made from computers.

german phone number format

Data that forces companies to Gambling Email List rethink their strategies and conversion funnels depending on the type of device they operate on. german phone number format Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev say that what influences decision-making is, german phone number format above all, information. “The problem is not really in the size of the screen,” said the head of the department that has carried out the study, Lior Fink. german phone number format  “It is actually the fact that the site adjusts to mobile viewing that reduces the information offered on the german phone number format results page and that requires more research on the web to find information,” he added.

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