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Complete guide + Facebook Ads Tutorial to make ads

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Complete guide + Facebook Ads Tutorial to make ads

In this Facebook Ads Guide I try us mobile phone number database to explain all its functions step by step and explain how to optimize its results. us mobile phone number database I hope that with these tips you will be able to create and improve your campaigns so that they are more profitable. The possibilities are almost endless. Let’s discover them together.us mobile phone number database  Instagram-ads Facebook has updated the design of the ad manager, so I will also take the opportunity to review the analysis of the statistics, the ad formats available on Instagram and the new method of analysis of conversion of Facebook.us mobile phone number database I have grouped all the information into 10 sections so that it is easy for you to follow the guide and you also have this tutorial available with the steps to create a campaign:

The first thing is to start by knowing what types of campaign you can create on Facebook so that you differentiate each objective well and know how to choose the most appropriate one. In total, us mobile phone number database you have 10 options with ad subtypes depending on the format and its location. 1. us mobile phone number database Promote your posts The objective is to encourage participation in your publications (likes, comments and shares). It can be a great boost if you’re new to Facebook or if you can’t get your posts to work on their own. Indirectly, this will make your average Facebook reach better on the next organic post.us mobile phone number database  Remember that the key is to promote valuable content that helps, us mobile phone number database  entertains and inspires your community. You have 3 formats available: Photo Video Text Facebook ad Image size for computer news feed: 1200 × 900 pixels.

us mobile phone number database

Image size in the right column: 254 × 133 pixels. The image should Gambling Email List not include more than 20% text. Add emoticons to text. Insert a visible url at the end of the message (if you need it, cut it with bitly.com ). 2.us mobile phone number database  Promote your page – Fan Page – Select this campaign if you want to increase the number of fans of your Fan Page or company page. us mobile phone number database Compared to other goals, us mobile phone number database these campaigns are often expensive and highly recommended. Be careful because if the user decides to stop following your page, us mobile phone number database Facebook will not refund the moneyWith this campaign you will be able to increase traffic and visits to pages of featured products and services. You can choose to create ads with a single link or create a sequence of images , up to five at a time, us mobile phone number database each with a different landing page, catalog type. 4. Increase conversions on the website It is a campaign similar to the previous one but you should choose it if you are interested above all in getting conversions . us mobile phone number database For this type of campaign to work well, us mobile phone number database you must correctly activate the conversion code or Facebook pixel on your website. If not, you will not be able to measure the performance of the campaign.

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