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Commuter Marketing: The Zoom in Retail

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Commuter Marketing: The Zoom in Retail

In these times of social distance,  canada phone number details proximity has more value than ever, especially in the retail sector . There is no better marketing weapon than the friendly greeting at the bar where we have coffee, the call from the bookseller advising that the latest novel by our favorite author has arrived or the customary phrase in our hairdresser: canada phone number details “As always, right?” . We need to feel unique. We want them to know our tastes, to perceive that the ads speak to us, that the promotions hit the nail on the head with our needs. That’s what commuter marketing is all about : canada phone number details personalizing messages. It may sound presumptuous, but we should not feel the client only as someone who is going to invest in our product, but as a friend. The humanity, kindness and friendly treatment are essential behaviors in retail .

Don’t get us wrong. canada phone number details It is not about falsifying relationships. We don’t want to make friends so they can buy our products later. We want to make friends and, if they want to, canada phone number details  buy our products later. Because a friend will come to see us regularly and we will help him in any way we can. That is neighborhood marketing: a human relationship in which the two actors behave with sensitivity and generosity so that both benefit. But it is not only about reaching the neighbor, but also who eventually passes through our establishment. canada phone number details In this case, even if we don’t know his face, even if we don’t know his name, even if he has never been our client, we must make him feel that we are addressing him , not a uniform set of individuals.

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Commuter marketing has always existed, canada phone number details but new Gambling Email List technologies have given it a dimension that until recently seemed like science fiction. Handing out flyers from the pizzeria that just opened two blocks from the outlet is commuter marketing. And it can be very effective, much more if the person who distributes them has information about the target of the potential customer. We return to the same thing, a key to retail: canada phone number details let’s not think about potential buyers, let’s think about people . However, it is true that this type of commuter marketing suffers from some peculiarities that are capable of making the recipient feel that they are facing an individualized message . canada phone number details Basically, the pedestrian is a taxable person upon receipt of the brochure and being interrupted by traffic can be annoying. The spread of smartphones has largely solved this nuisance for the individual.

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