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Challenges of the school, teachers and students of Aula CM during confinement

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Challenges of the school, teachers and students of Aula CM during confinement

I hope you are doing well and that your family and friends are as well. I hope you are living these moments in the best possible way. We want to tell you how we are living this whole process, but we do not want to trivialize with the problems that all Spaniards are going through. I don’t think any of them are going through their best moment or have experienced similar situations. Art Director Email List Next we are going to tell you how we are living what is probably the strangest and most important moment in the 8-year history of Aula CM. Even so, I insist that the problems we may have are minor compared to the brutal problems that many people are suffering. We are dismayed. We have also had to learn these days that all kinds of Aula CM problems are nothing when a family member of the team encounters serious health problems.

This shit brings us back to the reality of what matters to us and affects us. It is up to us to transmit tranquility, motivation, companionship and joy. Among all the team of 22 people, support us and transmit it to our more than 300 active students with whom we maintain communication and classes every day. But, believe me, sometimes transmitting joy costs. For Aula CM it is not being easy. First the communication with students class by class and day by day while everything was developing and explaining the measures taken and how to use the disinfectant gels. Classes closing on the same days as schools in Madrid. Stopping 18 face-to-face courses that we had active. Continuing the online courses that followed in those days that were very difficult and with many family and media concerns. All teleworking since the Thursday before the state of alarm. 22 fixed people in the team in a new situation. Gambling Gmail List3 closed premises. 7 classrooms closed. For the first time, our main strength is being tested against the vast majority of leading Marketing schools in Spain. Until now, in my opinion, they had always been all advantages and a much more involved and passionate model. For the first time, our greatest differences with others have a slight disadvantage and a great challenge and it is our total commitment to a permanent team and unbeatable own classrooms.

It is our system of having a full-time TEAM that goes out of its way for training and its marketing specialty, building and rowing all together, which allows us to be leaders in content, in resources for students, in events, in updating of syllabi, in exercises .and it allows us to give attention, I remain convinced of our model. Everything we have done and lived these weeks would not have been possible otherwise. And thanks to this EQUIPAZO I know that we are capable of this and of anything. Our only small disadvantage therefore is that we have much higher fixed costs than 95% of our competitors. But what about all that we can do, all that we can prepare, all that we can invest in, and all that we can do to build the future of school and marketing? It could be that we are in the best possible position to give our best. Within the drama, we are also living that positive part. The unit

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