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Challenges and future trends of Marketing and Advertising – 2nd Meeting of Agencies

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Challenges and future trends of Marketing and Advertising – 2nd Meeting of Agencies

Learn about the challenges and future trends of marketing, communication and advertising. mobile number list What awaits us for the next few years? mobile number list  ive marketing agencies tell us what is to come and how we should prepare at the 2nd Agency mobile number list Meeting . An annual event that we organize and which is attended by more than 300 professionals from the sector. Main challenges for Marketing The presenter Alicia Senovilla was in charge of raising this issue at the 2nd Meeting of Agencies, mobile number list held in collaboration with the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid. What challenges and trends should Marketing face in the future? Those in charge of answering this interesting question were the directors and CEOs of Socialmood , mobile number list Mr. Burns , Social Noise , Trending Topic Comunicación and Territorio Creativo .

Challenges and trends for the future 2nd Meeting of Agencies Professionals who participated in the debate This debate had the enriching contribution of five professionals who work every day with clients and big brands.mobile number list  They are in direct contact with reality and their vision for the future helps us prepare for what is to come. mobile number list We have made a verbatim transcript of his comments in order not to misrepresent his words.mobile number list Lucas GarcíaLucas García CEO Socialmood , Socialmood «Communication will be human to human. What we have to talk about is the needs of our audience » mobile number list Paloma BasPaloma Bas executive director Mr. Burns , Mr Burns “Brands will be increasingly linked to culture,mobile number list  leisure, social responsibility and what really concerns people” Miguel PereiraMiguel Pereira CEO Socialnoise ,mobile number list  Social Noise

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“Understanding technology and what can be done with it is one of the most important challenges” Gambling Email List Paula FrailePaula Fraile Trending Topic Communication,mobile number list Trending Topic Comunicación mobile number list El contenido ha sido el pasado, es el presente y será el futuro. Va a seguir reinando. Es una tendencia siempre» Gonzalo MartínGonzalo Martín Creative Territory,mobile number list  Territorio Creativo «El reto real es la relevancia: en un mundo en el que nadie sabe quién eres, ¿cómo logras ser interesante?» 12 retos y tendencias de futuro del marketing mobile number list Toma nota de lo que se avecina.mobile number list  Si viajamos en el tiempo 5 ó 10 años hacia delante, el panorama del marketing se parecerá mucho a esto mobile number list  Content is king1.mobile number list El contenido sigue reinando Cada vez más, los consumidores exigen que el contenido sea correcto, es decir, no vale con una información ardua. Hay muchos consumidores, hay muchos negocios de ecommerce, y lo que requiere la gente es que la información sea muy concisa.

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