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Business Intelligence: How to choose the best strategies for your business

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Business Intelligence: How to choose the best strategies for your business

The digitization and automation of processes is a reality today. Almost all companies have several processes integrated into a CRM that helps them manage them. Technology makes us more competitive, so Business Intelligence is necessary to improve processes and decision-making in companies. Telecommunications engineer and commercial director of the Interdigital Agency , Marta Soler presented us her presentation Business Intelligence in your online presence to be able to make good decisions in the second edition of PRO Marketing DAY held last April. Marta began her presentation by asking the public some questions: Can anyone think of a sales department without having a CRM? Have you ever come across a company that is keeping paper and pencil Clinical Nurse Specialist Email List accounting? In the following video you can see an excerpt from his presentation: If each department of the company works separately, it will not be able to evolve or improve its results. Curiously, it is the digital marketing department that does not yet have strong software to help digitize its processes.

Also, keep in mind that within digital marketing there are a lot of metrics , KPIs , reports, data, tools¬† etc. As a consequence, most of the data is scattered and not having it in a single tool often makes it difficult for us to make good decisions. This type of software is specialized in automation marketing. Your first objective will be to generate a database of leads with all the cookies that are visiting your website. It will collect data from those sites where a cookie can be placed (landing page, ecommerce . This way you will have the same cookie in all your online presence, then a list with all the data will be generated and work with all of them so that they are identified and qualified users. The last idea is to link everything with your CRM: the data, what users prefer to do within my website, the interaction with online platforms, etc. If everything stays within the CRM, it will be a helpful tool for your sales team or other departments. Other great advantages is that it will help you measure ROI , since the interesting thing is to know what works and what doesn’t, where you are putting the money and where you are getting the return. Lead acquisition and qualification Our immediate objective will always be to identify the lead. For this we have a lot of cookies that we have been saving within this database of this software. A basic option of inbound marketing is to generate a lead magnet to capture the user’s attention.

We can, by configuring some type of software like those mentioned above, show our users a pop-up or invite them to download a whitepaper or an eBook. In other words, we generate a hook, something that interests them, that generates value for them and for which they want to offer their data in return. eBooks are one of the most common resources when it comes to capturing leads or customers online . Gambling Gmail List It offers a hook, something that adds value or interests the user to get their data We will then be in the part of the customer journey that is pushing this audience from being anonymous to known users . You have to define a campaign with the form already completed, then lead is not only a cookie but it already has a name, surname and email. Next I pass this data to a list. This action is carried out automatically because it has previously been configured, and an email is also sent welcoming you .

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