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Burger King asks its customers to buy at McDonald’s

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Burger King asks its customers to buy at McDonald’s

That the coronavirus pandemic is changing our consumption habits is a fact. COVID-19 has forced bars and restaurants to close; some temporarily, others sadly forever. canada phone number Its effects have also reached large fast food chains. And one of them, Burger King, has taken advantage of difficult circumstances to show elegance and solidarity with the entire sector. Specifically, the North American company has encouraged its customers to buy from its most incarnate rival: McDonald’s . canada phone number Is it a marketing strategy or really a sincere and brotherly message? Probably both. But the important thing is that in just a few hours the name of Burger King was on the lips of half the world . canada phone number It will be necessary to see if it works so that their hamburgers are also. “Make orders to McDonald’s” is the title of Burger’s UK division of the Twitter message, which has spread like wildfire on social media.

“We never believed that we would ask you to do this,”  canada phone number the statement said. “We never thought that we would encourage you to order from KFC, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Five Guys, Greggs, Taco Bell, Papa John’s, Leon… or any of the independent food outlets we haven’t mentioned.” An empathetic message with the competition The content of the message is clear. Those restaurants are Burger King’s competence, canada phone number but they suffer the same difficulties as them . The coronavirus does not distinguish between brands , it attacks all equally and this is a fight in which there are no nuances: everyone wins or loses. “The restaurants are throwing many employees onto the streets and right now they need your support,” they say. canada phone number The second wave of the pandemic has caused a new lockdown in the United Kingdom that begins on Thursday, November 5. This means, among other things, the temporary closure of leisure and hospitality venues . With one caveat, you can continue to order food at home.

canada phone number

And Burger King has delved into that last possibility:  Gambling Email List “If you want to help, canada phone number start ordering food at home,” he requests. And to finish the intelligent message, nothing better than sweeping home with a little humor: ” Ordering a Whopper is always the best option, but ordering a Big Mac is not so bad either .”  canada phone number An intelligent network strategy The truth is that Burger King’s use of social networks has been a success for a long time, always attentive to current events . In Spain, his reaction was very famous after the Spanish soccer coach, Julene Lopetegui, canada phone number  was dismissed a few days before the 2018 World Cup. Taking advantage of Burger’s claim on Facebook at that time: canada phone number  “We know how hard it is to go home and find the refrigerator empty”, Burger King launched a message that also went around the world: canada phone number “ Jalen, we are waiting for you at home. You have a free order when you return from Russia ”.

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