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Apple Marketing Iberia earned 45 million in Spain in

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Apple Marketing Iberia earned 45 million in Spain in

the subsidiary that supports the tech giant’s out-of-store sales, including marketing and after-sales services for customers, cell phone database free posted a profit of 45 million euros in its last fiscal year, closed on June 30. cell phone database free September 2020, 6.4% more compared to the earnings of the previous year, according to the company’s accounts, recently deposited in the Mercantile Registry. cell phone database free The turnover declared was 89.8 million euros, 17.7% more than the income declared in the year of 2019. cell phone database free The lower increase in profits compared to income was due to the increase in the tax bill.

since that this Apple subsidiary in Spain paid 13.06 million euros in 2020 as corporate tax compared to the 10.3 million it paid in 2019. cell phone database free As of September 30, 2020, the company had registered tax credits for an amount of 21,045 euros. MORE INFORMATION Apple airbag’s. cell phone database free European Commission accuses Apple of imposing abusive commissions on Spotify Large technology companies pay gold salaries also in Spain. cell phone database free Apple Marketing Iberia is one of the two companies through which the firm that manufactures the iPhone operates.

cell phone database free

As described in its financial statements, cell phone database free its activity is based on acting as “sales support and marketing service provider and, in addition, research and development services to related companies.” cell phone database free The subsidiary acts as an intermediary and bills its services to group companies abroad in exchange for a commission, so the actual billing to the end customer in Spain is much higher. The European parent company of the company is located in Ireland, cell phone database free a country with an advantageous tax system that other large technology companies have taken advantage of. cell phone database free The other subsidiary through which the Cupertino giant operates in Spain is Apple Retail Spain, which is in charge of managing Apple stores in the national territory, cell phone database free and which has not yet registered the accounts for its last fiscal year. In 2019, it declared a turnover of 433.8 million

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