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Apple and its new iPhone: why have we been talking about it for weeks?

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Apple and its new iPhone: why have we been talking about it for weeks?

Apple presents its new iPhone 12 range this Tuesday, October 13 and for weeks there is no day that the media,  danish cell phone companies blogs, youtubers, bar terraces or the loneliest hermits do not talk about them. danish cell phone companies Each new Apple product generates a battery of rumors, leaks and curiosity that make it a success before it even goes on sale . danish cell phone companies How has the American company managed to make its brand almost a religion? The optimal development of what we call intelligent marketing and its commitment to promoting digital transformation throughout society are the main culprits for this. danish cell phone companies The genius of Steve Jobs , its founder, has a lot to do with positioning his products, his ability to generate in potential customers the idea that there is nothing more exclusive than having an iPhone or a Mac .

There are opinions of all tastes among technology specialists,  danish cell phone companies from those who think that the Apple ecosystem is extraordinary to those who point out that Android devices or PCs offer better performance for a lower price. But the important thing is that for normal users, danish cell phone companies having an Apple product means prestige , being part of a proud family. And, what is more significant: Apple achieves an extraordinary fidelity .  danish cell phone companies It is rare for someone to be disloyal to the Cupertino firm. It is strange that someone who buys one of their products changes their Mac for a PC when the first one becomes obsolete. danish cell phone companies Apple’s religion and its preachers Apple builds loyalty and makes of its users an army of preachers who defend its product tooth and nail.

danish cell phone companies

Almost all of them also become commercials Gambling Email List for their devices, danish cell phone companies commission-free sellers who seek to convince those who have not joined the religion of the bitten apple. danish cell phone companies Such prestige also has a lot to do with the fact that we find the brand even in the soup.  danish cell phone companies But this presence is not annoying, it is subtle, it is not invasive. Their advertising and marketing campaigns are so dynamic that we never choke on finding so many apples on the Internet or on television. And if you look closely, they are everywhere.  danish cell phone companies Apple tries to get the biggest international movie stars and the hottest series to use its products. If the protagonist of a blockbuster uses a mobile phone in a peak scene, it is surely an iPhone .

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