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Analysis and detection of SEO problems of a web page, with MJ Caching

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Analysis and detection of SEO problems of a web page, with MJ Caching

The first edition of PRO Marketing DAY , Interior Designers Emil List organized by Aulas, allocated several spaces to web positioning. Interior Designers Emil List One of them was starred by MJ Caching , specialist in SEO and Online Marketing and he dedicated it to the analysis and detection of SEO positioning problems that a website can present. MJ left us a good selection of SEO tools to carry out this study and a few tips to optimize our pages. Interior Designers Emil List This is an extract from MJ Cation’s conference, in PRO Marketing DAY, and then a summary of the most important points of his presentations.

When doing an SEO analysis of our website, to detect the problems that are hindering our positioning, there are several factors to take into account. Interior Designers Emil List Among the most important are indexing and crawling, SEO On Page or how mobile-friendly our site is. SEO tools are a fundamental aid to detect these problems. Interior Designers Emil List How to check the total indexing of the site It is essential that we do an analysis of the level of indexing for several reasons. Interior Designers Emil List We have to be very clear about which pages we want to position. It is useless to have a lot of content indexed if you are not meeting your conversion goal, in some cases it would even be convenient to de-index some of that content.

These are some of the tools that can help us detect our level of indexing: Google commands : Interior Designers Emil List With commands such as the Google “site”, we can know what we have indexed on our website, Interior Designers Emil List it will also let us know which subdirectories are indexed. Google Search Console : This free tool will also let us know the indexing level of our website. One of MJ’s recommendations is that, Interior Designers Emil List if we also want to Gambling Gmail List obtain information about a subdomain , we register it directly in the tool and thus we will obtain specific data oriented to the domain and the subdomain. Similar Web: It is another option to determine which subdomains we have indexed. Interior Designers Emil List

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