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Although digitization is important, don’t forget about digital security

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Although digitization is important, don’t forget about digital security

Along with the vertiginous process of digitization that companies and businesses are experiencing, mobile no search australia  all the implications that are part of these transformations cannot be ignored, among these, mobile no search australia digital security must be highlighted. In virtual environments there are countless electronic frauds in which various types of viruses, mobile no search australia  malware, among others are used. Also, there are some practices such as phishing, ransomware and other computer crimes. mobile no search australia This type of crime puts the security and privacy of organizations that have opted to take advantage of the different benefits of the Internet and the possibilities of remote work at stake.

In this sense, the world must move towards more sustainable practices and digitization must offer the opportunity to use new information and communication technologies (ICTs) to optimize the work carried out in companies and, mobile no search australia in turn, be able to offer benefits to workers and collaborators. mobile no search australia One of the main advantages of opening up to digitization is that employees will have the possibility to better combine professional and family life: mobile no search australia work from home for organizations that have their headquarters in other locations or countries,  mobile no search australia or combine the home office or remote work with the face-to-face work modality is possible in a variety of job positions.

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In addition, this will lead to a considerable reduction Gambling Email List  in production, mobile no search australia transportation and public service costs for companies, which will lead to greater profitability in the short, mobile no search australia medium and long term. However, the best way to get the most out of digitization is to employ some cybersecurity practices. mobile no search australia  5 digital security practices that every company should implement In the business environment, having different cybersecurity tools is not enough to offer a high level of protection to the equipment and information that is handled if the employees have not been trained in this matter. Therefore, mobile no search australia  it is convenient that these people have training and constant updates in the field of digital security,

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