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Alessandro Michele: “We have changed. Taking time to do something is the real luxury “

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Alessandro Michele: “We have changed. Taking time to do something is the real luxury “

The Roman designer has made Gucci one of the most profitable, influential and copied brands in a sector facing an unprecedented crisis. uk mobile phone number But to survive in this new and uncertain society, he believes that fashion cannot continue to be governed by outdated norms. And he has started changing those of his own house. We talked to the creator about how to win over millennials, uk mobile phone number not offend consumers with sales, and dress a little badly. Only a little.erdona my dog, likes to call his attention. ”  uk mobile phone number Alessandro Michele speaks via Zoom from his Milanese apartment where he passes the second Italian confinement. With his long messianic hair

from three years ago” -, the creative director of Gucci, uk mobile phone number one of the most relevant in the fashion industry , uk mobile phone number reflects on his latest daring: go over some of the most established rules in the sector for the bow of the bell bottoms. He was warning. Last May it announced that it would reduce the number of annual collections from six to two, uk mobile phone number which will not respond to the traditional division by seasons and genres, nor will they conform to the fashion week calendar. And he kept his word. uk mobile phone number “The pandemic,” says the 47-year-old designer, “it has changed the world and the luxury sector in a radical way ”, and the rules that have governed it since Gucci was founded 100 years ago have become obsolete.

uk mobile phone number

A transformation is imposed – he warns. Gambling Email List  uk mobile phone number Even if it is traumatic. It is November and, on the other side of the screen, the Roman creator is abuzz. He has just presented his latest collection and he has done so not through a parade, but through Gucci Fest, uk mobile phone number an ambitious initiative that encompasses a seven-episode series co-directed with filmmaker Gus Van Sant and called Overture of Something that Never Ended (Overture of something that never ended), plus 15 fashion films of emerging designers. uk mobile phone number The event took place a month and a half after the end of Milan Fashion Week, in which the Italian brand usually parades and which this season ended weakened by its absence.

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