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Agency Debate: How to do Content Marketing in 2021

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Agency Debate: How to do Content Marketing in 2021

The IV Meeting of Agencies , purchase phone number lists said goodbye with an interesting debate on the importance of Content Marketing in the communication of companies and the different changes that it has undergone in recent years. purchase phone number lists This debate was preceded by an introduction by Bruno Vazquez-Doer, who emphasized the importance of Content Marketing for companies and how it has transformed Email Marketing and SEO positioning in recent years. purchase phone number lists At this table, purchase phone number lists we were fortunate to have representatives from 5 large marketing agencies who shared their vision and experience in terms of trends and practices that apply in their day-to-day in this field of Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is undoubtedly a very important element in company strategies. purchase phone number lists In this first question, the speakers were able to show what for them is the most complete way of creating content . Each speaker had their own vision of what was most important in generating the perfect content, and they all added a new term. purchase phone number lists With all these contributions, they created a very powerful formula to create content: purchase phone number lists Idea In order to create content, it is essential to have a prior idea . It is not enough to use techniques that are in fashion at the moment such as videos recorded with drones or cinemographs. First you have to think about the ideas that we can use to achieve the objective we seek. purchase phone number lists Then it is time to find what tools we can use to convey those ideas. The tools and creativity will be what helps to convey those ideas. User The content that is created is good or bad depending on who it is.

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ated tries to satisfy the marketing director , purchase phone number lists but that is a mistake . The audience of a brand is the users and you have to create content that they like and love. In this part, the speakers agree that creativity  Gambling Email List is a differential element in getting content to users. Idea + User + Value + Strategy purchase phone number lists Momentum Value The content must add value to the user , whether in the form of knowledge ,purchase phone number lists entertainment or provoking a feeling in him . This part is very important, since if it is not achieved, the content will not be successful. Strategy In the field of Marketing, purchase phone number lists brands often jump on trends very quickly without thinking about the real benefit it will give. For this reason it is very important to have a strategy behind all the content

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