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A network tells us how influencers

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A network tells us how influencers

You just have to take a look at the main social networks to see that influencer campaigns are the order of the day. And we gave a good account of it in our ProMarketingDay 2019. Blanca Formalize is Director of Operations at 2btube , Aged Medicare Supplement Leads a talent company that works on influential content for brands that want to connect with a young audience. He was with us to tell us how an intermediary agency works with influencers and the impact that content has on the influencer marketing business. Do you want to know how to work with an influencer ? How to choose the most suitable for your product or your brand? Settle in, let’s get started. Before, when something was on television, we would see it, it would end, and end. Today, instead, we can give it to repeat and see it as many times as we want.

New generations can choose what content to watch, when to watch it, and how many times to repeat it for free. On the other hand, audiences interact with this content through their mobile phones, streaming and on social networks, something that did not happen before the development of the internet. But which influencer to choose? Is it better to choose someone famous? Someone with a lot of followers? You may think that the ideal influencer for your brand and your next campaign is the one with the highest number of subscribers or views. It is easy to think that the more subscribers you will reach a larger audience. An influencer explains to the audience how they value a product and why they would buy it. He recommends it from the sincerity, through the human bonds that he has established with his community of followers and that generate so much credibility.

However, it doesn’t exactly work like that. There are several factors that you should take into account: 1. Passion for the brand Being an influencer is not the same as making television spots. The content must be organic , and provide that “something” that the audience is waiting for. It has to provide credibility and naturalness. Could you ad for Pepsi to an influencer who always drinks Coca Cola? No right? It would not be credible and what is not credible does not work. The ideal is to integrate the brand into the content generated by the influencer in the most subtle and natural way possible. Click To Tweet Ideally, the brand should be integrated with the content that the talent or influencer is offering on their channel, for their audience, in a very natural way. It does not mean hiding the brand, the audience is not stupid.  Gambling Gmail List But it does make it feel fluent. 2. Scope and Engagement It is much more interesting to look at the engagement rate . In other words, let’s think about two influencers : A, who has 50,000 subscribers, but an average of 10,000 views, and B, another influencer who has 5,000 followers and whose videos have an average of 35,000 views per video

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