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A Community Manager explains her Online Marketing Plan to us

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A Community Manager explains her Online Marketing Plan to us

With hard work and being clear that valuable content is king on the internet , he has managed to grow his community and many loyal followers, free uk phone number with whom they generate daily feedback. This has been, to a large extent, the basis of the success of its online presence. free uk phone number If something characterizes our Community Manager course, free uk phone number it is practical training and direct contact with companies. free uk phone number On this occasion we made a visit with the students to La Casa Escondido , where their Community Manager Chiara Cabrera gave us a talk and we participated in a debate with her.

Chiara Cabrera , free uk phone number is also a director at interquel Networks SL and was able to briefly tell us about the experience of two of our students who have done internships in her company. free uk phone number For more than two hours we had the privilege, both Aula CM and Twitter and Instagram users with the hashtag #aulacmCE , to absorb all Chiara’s tips and keys like sponges , free uk phone number to carry with as much success as she, the social networks of a brand or company 54 Social Media Strategy In these almost 4 years of online presence, Chiara recognizes that it has cost La Casa Escondido a lot to position its brand on Social Networks .

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However, thanks to the perseverance and conviction in doing things well, free uk phone number they have achieved such good figures Gambling Email List that they translate into loyal followers with whom they generate feedback on a daily basis. free uk phone number photo figures lit houseThus, every day they generate valuable content and conversation through Twitter ; weekly on Facebook ;  free uk phone number on their YouTube channel they dynamize different multimedia materials and through their program on RTVE’s 2. On Flickr they publish photo galleries of all the events they hold, free uk phone number be they concerts, exhibitions or any other activity they host. In this way,

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