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9 ways to use the rainbow in graphic design

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9 ways to use the rainbow in graphic design

You can imagine how the rainbow must have looked to early humans supernatural, majestic—maybe even terrifying. It’s no wonder that it has shown up so often in our cultural iconography. With classical art, the rainbow was seen mostly in a religious context—the kaleidoscopic arc acting alternatively as a herald of divine favor or a herald of the apocalypse. Advances in science led to the rainbow’s portrayal as more of a wonder of mathematical precision within the natural world.

Nowadays, the rainbow is the universally recognized symbol of solidarity within the lgbtqia community. And of course, we all have lisa frank to thank for the inescapable rainbows that colored our childhoods. Rainbow pride celebration illustration by vladanland artists throughout the ages have been attracted to the rainbow for all of the above reasons but most obviously for its extravagant color scheme.


Pair the rainbow with neutral tones

It’s multicolored ways can also make the rainbow jewelry retouch service challenging to work with. Most designs are limited to about three colors or less due to printing expenses. So, a seven color scheme that’s a tough one—even for experienced designers. How do you incorporate all of those colors in equal measure without making your design look gaudy how do you make any one element stand out in a sea of vivid colors we’re going to explore the solutions designers have come up with for these problems and the 9 awesome ways you can use the rainbow in your design. Pair the rainbow with neutral tones — rainbow album cover design by maria hammerstrøm via behance ever since dorothy was whisked out of dull, sepiatoned kansas into a technicolor dreamland, there has been a divide between the world of the neutral and that of the rainbow.

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Subtract some of the rainbow’s colors

But this contrast doesn’t have to be negative. Neutral Gambling Email List tones—that is, grays, whites, blacks and beiges—can represent all that is mundane and ordinary, but they can also provide balance and contrast to the intense vibrancy of the rainbow. Designers can amplify this effect by using strategic bursts of rainbow within a. Largely dark design, adding a glimpse of magic in a moody composition.

Statue of david illustration with rainbow colors. By john viettriet hoa nguyen via dribbble rainbow logo design for early education by zaladgan. Rainbow logo design for childcare by rosse. Rainbow poster design for lgbtqia marriage equality by cheng chieh sung via behance subtract some of the rainbow’s colors — the rainbow. Is a striking symbol but also a fairly recognizable one. Even when its colors are reduced by half, viewers are able to. Connect the dots and understand that these fewer colors are meant to represent the full rainbow.

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