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7 motivational marketing phrases to market an app

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7 motivational marketing phrases to market an app

International.- The number of users who open apps on their smartphones more than 60 times grew 123 percent during 2014, which is equivalent to 176 million , according to a study carried out by Flurry Colombia Mobile Database.

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When a brand is about to launch a mobile application for the first time, it has a great challenge, in principle it must make itself known and make it reach the market, to ensure that it is downloaded, as well as to conquer the consumer and maintain it.

The App Store needs more games
For them, inspiration and motivation are required, beyond a clear message, the design and its function, since the strategy is what will make it reach that goal.

Motivation moves the world, that’s why we give you 7 motivating phrases that will drive you when marketing your app Brother Cell Phone List.

“When you start with what is at stake for the buyer, you earn the right to their attention.” Jake Sorofman
If the product solves an issue around the consumer’s needs, it will direct their attention to it, it is up to you to turn them into a customer.

“SEO is not something that continues to be done. It’s what happens when you do everything else right. ” Chad Pollitt
Positioning is not a simple placement strategy, it is the result of the benefits that your product or service offers to the audience.

“More and more, mass marketing is becoming more of a niche crowd.” Chris Anderson
It must be taken into account that a single product cannot be directed to the global market, different targets must be defined to carry out a different strategy focused on each niche.

“Word of mouth advertising has always been important. Today, it is more important than ever because of the power of the Internet. ” Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett
It is proven that the best way to advertise is the recommendation, today in a digitized world, this influence has greater scope.

“To be successful and grow your business and income, the way you market your products must match the way your customers understand and buy them.” Brian Halligan
It is useless to have an innovative product, if the market does not understand it and does not know it. The consumer must receive benefits.

“What you prefer or what your designer prefers does not matter if no conversions are achieved.” Naomi Niles
It is what the consumer looks for and wants what matters, the product must revolve around their needs.

“The key is, no matter what story you tell, make your client the hero.” – Chris Brogan
The protagonist is who consumes the product, if he feels part of the brand and is involved through experiences, there is a greater probability of obtaining success.

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