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6 commandments of content marketing during 2015

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6 commandments of content marketing during 2015

According to Cisco, it is estimated that in 2019 there will be 3.9 billion people connected to the network.
International.- Among the main trends that have evolved this year are the increase in the use of social networks, mobile devices, and videos. According to Cisco Azerbaijan Mobile Database, it is estimated that in 2019 there will be 3.9 billion people connected to the network.

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The peak of digital content has led to the evolution of various media and platforms in which it is possible to obtain information, create and disseminate topics of interest; which entails a great challenge for brands, since it is necessary to take control of the chosen media to be placed in the mind of the consumer.

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Nowadays, it is no longer enough to tell stories, brands must offer a pleasant experience, in which they use coherent and consistent strategies; and that also have a design adapted to any device format.

Second screen
Because Internet users are already multi-screen, brands should consider guiding a strategy that offers ads seconds after being launched by the competition Brother Cell Phone List on the first screen, this will add a benefit to companies.

Native advertising or native advertising
The content of the ads developed by the experts, must have a balance between the message and the editorial development.

Programmatic creativity Programmatic
ads must be innovative and engaging at all times, as with advances in this technology there are more and more functions that can be exploited.

Multimedia content
The microvideos especially are at the height of the format of content, and advertising channel are the most important in recent times.

Mobile friendly
The disruptive design adapted to different mobile devices makes the difference between a company and a recognized brand, which cares about providing the best service to the consumer.

Call to action
The use of buttons that allow content sharing, as well as subscribing to channels, newsletters or blogs is essential for the information traffic and virilization.

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