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55% of consumers constantly consult their mobile phone while shopping

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55% of consumers constantly consult their mobile phone while shopping

ey mainly use it to compare prices, buy indian number online although they also resort to asking for advice on purchases, reviewing offers, saving advertising, or locating promotions. The mobile phone is so integrated into our daily lives that it is practically part of ourselves. This explains, for example, that 55% of consumers use it constantly while making their purchases in physical establishments , buy indian number online among other things to be able to compare online the prices of products similar to the desired one. At least, this is the main conclusion reflected in the study ” buy indian number online The Future of Payments 2020 ” by Universal Pay , which also reveals that mobile is related to a series of consumer trends that continue to grow among buyers.

In fact, to all this we must add more than a third, buy indian number online specifically 34.2% , who also use it to take photographs with offers and advertising that they find. This percentage rises to 45% when it comes to taking pictures of the products themselves that arouse interest. buy indian number online In addition, almost 25% of buyers use the smartphone to ask for advice on the Internet before buying a product, and another 20% decide to buy a product similar to the one they see in the physical store online . As the report confirms, buy indian number online  the mobile phone has become a fundamental tool in the development of m-commerce and m-payments , options that contribute to the consolidation of unified commerce and integrated payments.

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two key concepts for the definitive success of the user Gambling Email List  experience in the digitization of payments. smartphone-addiction-mobile Jaime Domingo , buy indian number online general director of Universal Pay , assures that ” these consumption habits, more and more frequent, favor the reduction of costs of the shops, buy indian number online generate greater convenience and less friction of consumers when facing the purchase process ”. For this reason, Domingo highlights, “it is important to create a common buy indian number online commerce platform that gives a twist to omnichannel , breaking down the walls of internal channels and focusing on the user experience”. In this sense, and according to the study,

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