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50 steps to make or create a website or blog in 2020

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50 steps to make or create a website or blog in 2020

If you are going to design your site and you are doubting how to do it, us cell phone database this post is for you, since we are going to tell you all the necessary steps to create your website or blog ,us cell phone database  from the type of platform to use to style tips to write your articles, through recommendations to hire your hosting and domain, free resources for images, plugins, SEO, etc. us cell phone database Throughout the article we will give you useful tips that we use and that work very well for us. Take note: From a technical point of view, a website and a blog are not different things. us cell phone database That is, both need a hosting (space on a server) and a domain (URL or web address) to be on the internet.

In fact, you can integrate a blog within a website, us cell phone database as many companies do to attract user traffic to their corporate website through a content marketing strategy. Basically, the difference between a web page and a blog is in the content and in the structure: A website usually tends to have a more corporate , us cell phone database institutional or commercial focus . On a website we usually put static sections with our services, offers, rates, galleries, products, contact information , us cell phone database etc. The contents of the web, as a general rule, us cell phone database are updated less frequently and users do not usually share them on social networks unless they include some valuable content. A blog has a more personal approach .

us cell phone database

The contents of a blog are the entries or articles. us cell phone database These items must contain value in and of themselves, rather than clearly commercial intent. With this, you get users to share your content if it is truly useful, us cell phone database and thus attract traffic to your site. You usually update a blog quite frequently, us cell phone database as it is about publishing with some regularity. Gambling Email List To design your website or blog you can use a professional content manager . us cell phone database What is a content manager? It is a tool that will allow you to create and manage your website in a fast, simple and inexpensive way, and with a very professional result. To create your website or blog, us cell phone database we recommend that you use a content manager for its ease of use and excellent results, us cell phone database as well as being the most widespread option in the world at the moment.

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