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5 ways to develop your own app for your business without being an expert

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5 ways to develop your own app for your business without being an expert

If you have ever looked for a specific application and cannot find it, there are ways to get creative and make your own application without being an expert in order to promote our marketing strategy Estonia Phone Number List. Of course, it will not be the same as if it is developed by a programming language connoisseur, but at least we can start our imagination and inventiveness, and the cost will be less. According to a study by Best Computer Science Degrees, around 640 new apps are created per day, with 800,000 of them contained in the App Store.

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Recently, Microsoft created Project Siena, a tool that will allow you to make supposedly powerful applications based on HTML5 and JavaScript. The application is available in Windows 8.1 and in fact, Microsoft appears to be looking to target business experts and consultants.

The App Store needs more games
Another tool available is Apps maker store , where they give you the tools to create your own application for your business, starting from the premise that 57% of internet searches are done from smartphones Phone Number List. You can create apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Facebook and Windows 8. There is the option that it is free, but the more features you want in it, the price increases more.

Appery.iois a platform that can be used to create applications on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, which is easy to use and highly editable. It is good for business because you can create your own product catalogs. Prices range from free to $ 180 per month for the premium plan. They also offer security programs for your company.

If your bet is to find a developer that allows you to have an aesthetically impressive app, that is the GoodBarber run , which claims to have you satisfied with more than 50 themes for your “Beautiful App”. It also allows you to find potential clients with filters by country, city and loyalty.

AppMakr is another good offer that helps you make native apps for iOS and Android. Also aimed at creating good quality applications for your business. In addition, all the ones you create will remain under your name and your brand, not under AppMakr’s. It’s free with ads, but you can get a premium account for $ 79 a month for other features – like monetizing your app, having different menus, better image quality, and more.

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