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5 tips for your content marketing strategy

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5 tips for your content marketing strategy

We have already pointed out that today the competition is getting stronger. The rise of content marketing implies having the necessary weapons to attract consumers Oman Phone Number List with valuable and unique content. Good writing is an important part, but so is generating a good strategy to follow.

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1. Set short and long term goals
Answer the following questions: What do you want to achieve with this new strategy? Who is the audience you are targeting and what do you want to achieve with them? Think about whether your content marketing strategy is aimed at keeping the customers you already have Phone Number List, or if it is aimed at getting totally new customers, or if on the contrary, it is to build your brand and give it a name and trust. In this way, you will know where to direct creation.

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2. Create a calendar
with important dates such as launches or any other event at the door. On those specific days orient your efforts to write and advertise that. The calendar will prevent you from missing important things that you could take advantage of that are part of your own brand. and that they could have more exposure.

3. Know your creative strengths
Who are the creatives in charge of the content marketing plan and what do they do well? Content marketing is not just about writing, you can also form a team with illustrators, animators, photographers. Once you have defined your target and what could most attract their attention, determine your creative resources and choose the most attractive.

4. Use the previous strategies that have worked
Through analysis tools, basic in the strategy of any marketing plan, you will be able to know what were the things that worked best last year in content marketing , how the public reacted and based on those cases of measured success, knowing what things you can reuse. Recycling is allowed in terms of strategy, not content. Find out what worked and what didn’t.

5. Consider sharing content more than once a day
When you are going to decide how often you will post on blogs, web and social networks , consider the idea of ​​doing it more than once a day, otherwise you will not be able to catch the audience or create them awareness that you exist and are there as a leader. Ideally, you should post something at least 4 times a day, and don’t forget about the weekends.

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