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5 steps to attract customers with networking

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5 steps to attract customers with networking

By 2019, the number of Internet users will reach 3.9 billion, equivalent to 51 percent of the world’s population, according to the UN. International.- It is estimated that by 2019 the number of Internet users will reach 3.9 billion people, equivalent to 51 percent of the world’s population Bahamas Mobile Database, according to the UN.

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Which means that there will be more and more people connected to each other by this means. Networking, the ability to interact and collaborate with people through the network, consists of keys that drive the strategies of brands to make efforts to connect with their customers.

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Networking seeks to improve the user experience, using the effective and instantaneous communication offered by the Internet, therefore, we give you 5 steps to play an appropriate role in this practice.

Highlight your experience
Talk about your area of expertise Brother Cell Phone List, focus the user’s attention on what you master and that offers the best solutions. This will make you look like a thought leader or an industry authority.

Know their interests
Your lifestyle, occupation, tastes and needs are essential to offer the service and / or product that best suits both parties, the win-win strategy in the long run brings favorable consequences to a greater degree.

Listen to it
Let them express their opinions and decide the topic they want to know more about, this will prevent the client from feeling out of place or losing interest when seeing content that does not approach their inclinations. In addition, acceptance will be greater if you talk about the subject for which the consumer has a predilection.

Offer them value
In addition to relevant content, offer promotions, including free samples, with which the consumer can evaluate the quality of the product and / or service, while recommending it to their relatives.

Follow up
Do not lose contact, maintaining a close relationship based on respect and professionalism can bring great benefits, starting with customer satisfaction, followed by a lasting relationship, which can lead to a greater work environment.

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