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5 signs your social media strategy isn’t working

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5 signs your social media strategy isn’t working

It is estimated that for 2017, the advertising investment in social networks will reach 35,980 million dollars worldwide. International.- It is estimated that for 2017, Armenia Mobile Database advertising investment in social networks will reach 35,980 million dollars worldwide, which is equivalent to 16 percent of total advertising spending, according to eMarketer.

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As the digital world advances, more companies choose to develop strategies in social networks, since their presence in this medium is increasingly essential; since most consumers trust more in brands that have a presence and a good reputation online.

However, investment in social media is an unnecessary expense for many companies and they decide to implement the marketing plan on their own, even when they do not have experience in this area; therefore, in most cases the expected results are not obtained.

It is important to detect certain factors that indicate the level of reach, impact and reputation that a brand generates in social networks. If you locate these signs within your strategy Brother Cell Phone List, it is an alert that you must turn the marketing plan around.

Wrong target
It is a fact that most companies use social networks, but many times they do not have a presence in those where their target audience is, or failing that, the target is misidentified, which causes the strategy to be misdirected and don’t get the message to the right people.

Low level of engagement
When the publications do not receive any kind of retribution, that is, they do not generate likes, follows, comments , or suggestions; it is a symptom that something within the plan is failing.

There is no viralization
The information is not shared enough, this happens when the topics are not of interest to the audience, or the content is boring and does not generate any type of emotion in the audience.

Irrelevant content
If something new is not provided, the content is likely to go unnoticed; Well, if something is not said that is not yet known, it will not attract the attention of the Internet user. This can also affect the reputation of the brand.

There is no interaction
If the communication between the brand and the consumer is null. The objective of social networks is precisely to have an interaction in real time, it is not only about communicating, but also about maintaining close relationships that add value to both parties.

To prevent this type of situation from occurring, it is important to start with a diagnosis and a market study, which indicates the profile of the target audience, as well as the geolocation characteristics and topics of interest.

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