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5 SEO strategies that DO work well: by Luis Villanueva

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5 SEO strategies that DO work well: by Luis Villanueva

Aula CM blog Community Manager, mobile phone country list Content Marketing, Blogs and SEO technical-seo-75-75-75-75.svg 5 SEO strategies that DO work well: mobile phone country list by Luis Villanueva Álvaro Peña February 13, 2020 Luis Villanueva presented us with 5 SEO strategies that work very well in 2016 to improve the positioning of a website in search engines. They are proven techniques and based on experience and practice with real cases. mobile phone country list I recommend that you try them as they will surely help you improve your SEO. You have the video and also the strategies explained. Here the video with SEO techniques that work well in 2016 In this video we have a compilation of tips that Luis M Villanueva told us at the third Annual Meeting of Digital Marketing agencies . mobile phone country list Luis Villanueva is CEO of Inters Lab , mobile phone country list SEO web positioning agency. All his advice is based on his own experience with his own projects and clients. Luis M.

Villanueva says that SEO goes beyond putting the H1 or putting the text in bold. You have to do more and take into account more factors that help to improve SEO. mobile phone country list Luis advises us not to stop reading and experimenting, setting up test websites to investigate, test, break and destroy and see what works. That is the only way to learn. mobile phone country list This is the first of the 5 techniques that work quite well in your SEO strategies. If you have a Blog in which you generate content, you will surely find these three scenarios: Blog content created for years or months: mobile phone country list This content is old. It is obsolete and does not rise in positions in the SERPs, a good technique is to update these contents. You will see how the SERPs and rankings go up. Old content that continues to generate visits, but receives less and less traffic.

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The ideal with this content is to update it, add new content, mobile phone country list multimedia content and try to generate the highest possible retention of users. This works great  Content that has been losing positions over time. It is old and outdated content that generates a bounce from users. mobile phone country list Just by seeing the date Gambling Email List of the comments or publication date the user sees that it is old and will return to Google, it will look for other newer and current results. Generate the highest user retention on the content you create. Update that content in such a way that you get a user hold. Analyze what makes your users stay longer on your site and apply it. You are the one who knows your users best, try to make them stay longer on your page. mobile phone country list Generate interaction , that they comment, that they subscribe to your newsletter, mobile phone country list or that they carry out some social action. Get them to make an internal click to expand information. That they are interested in other additional content that is within your domain, that they go to another URL, mobile phone country list etc., will improve the user experience and avoid bouncing, which is the important thing.

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