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5 secrets to designing successful banner ads

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5 secrets to designing successful banner ads

The banner could be the Internet advertising method par excellence if it were not for the fact that it has become a very bad name, but all is not lost, there are successful banners that manage to get the clicks they want. More related notes: The 5 most optimal measures for display advertising Cambodia Phone Number List. Smart banners to expose the smartphones of the competition 5 impressive banner designs.

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The reason for the aforementioned bad reputation has to do with several factors: people began to hate being presented in pop-ups , they began to fear viruses and suddenly, the network was full of banners that only took up space and did not they attracted attention. How many banners a day really catch you? According to a survey by AdKeeper, 43% of the people surveyed said that the problem is that the visual proposals are not interesting. However, when they have a good design, they manage to stand out and generate those precious clicks. Thanks to The Next Web, we managed to compile three secrets behind the design of the advertising banners .

1. Keep a simple and clean design
Forget the colorful streamers, crazy flash animations and banners designed to attract audiences with an overloaded composition. Think of a simple and elegant design that communicates in a simple way what the brand wants to communicate to the customer and what they will find if they click on the banner so that they do not find unpleasant surprises that they did not want to take away.

2. The design must be according to the web page to which it redirects
The banner must be in harmony with the emblem colors of the brand and with the website so that there is no confusion, and the consumer Phone Number List is not confused by so many designs. Think about it looking similar, it denotes a lot of brand awareness.

3. Make it interactive
Taking into account point one (forget the overloaded flash) think of a creative and interactive design that attracts the attention of potential clients. Interactive banners are best kept in people’s memory, as long as they are entertaining and don’t look like the most common ones that have been around for years (involving scoring and shooting).

4. Make more than one version
One of the best kept banner design secrets is multivariate analysis. Most of the banner delivery platforms allow you to upload more than one design version, so it will be possible to measure small changes in the arrangement, use of color or text bring better results. Tools like optimizely.com or google DFP make the task easier.

5. Analyze the environment
A common mistake in banner design is to create a one-size-fits-all campaign. This practice was already overcome in traditional media strategies, each magazine, TV channel and newspaper obtained its own version. Creating materials for each medium helps to connect with the target audience in a better way.

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