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5 relevant technology launches of 2013

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5 relevant technology launches of 2013

As every year, we were bombarded by non-stop launches of technological devices and updates of those we already knew, ready to change our lives and enter our homes. Here is a list of five memorable ones from 2013. More related notes: Anti-consumerism lesson? The war of videogames on twitter 30 impactful figures of the marketing industry during 2013 New console design and you intend to replace multiple platforms to make it a comprehensive entertainment device that went beyond the experience of video games: television, music and movies are integrated into a single device Kenya Phone Number List. Why was it memorable? He raised a lot of excitement for his tough policies. Goodbye to the era of piracy on the one hand, but on the other, also to share your games with other people freely. He also suggested that his customers would be watched to receive targeted advertising according to what the hidden camera saw them consume, and many other crazy things that were removed and modified over time to the annoyance of consumers, who threatened to switch to the PlayStation.

Playstation 4
The direct competition of the X Box One. This console was Sony’s big bet during the year and they made a campaign more directed to the customer’s needs and what they expected from a console than their competitors. They ensured that they would be focused on the player and that the visualization of the games would be flawless and never seen before. Of course, it also integrates a comprehensive entertainment system for watching TV and movies.

Google Glass
is the next step for mobile devices. Through a voice system and positioning yourself with what you see, the lenses allow you to take pictures (just saying “Take a picture”), record the video of what you are seeing at that moment. You can receive information about your current location and maps directly on the glasses – so the world becomes an incredibly vivid GPS – and you can send messages just by speaking Phone Number List. One of the best parts is that you will have Google and its large amount of data available at any time, to access curious data of the places where you are, and even translate what you say in other languages ​​if you are alone and lost abroad.

Samsung Galaxy Gear
Many thought that the clock era was dead, taking into account that now everyone checks the time on their cell phones. The trick is that you can also send and receive calls with it. It responds to user movements, recognizes voice commands, has a Bluetooth connection and a 1.9 megapixel camera. It is a watch like no other, although it did not have very good sales or reception.

Sony Xperia Z1
With the new Sony model, they bet directly with the capacity of the camera. With a 5-inch screen and specially designed to have better image, color, resolution and video quality, it has a 20.7 megapixel camera . With the wide range of cell phones on the market , it was necessary for Sony to direct all efforts to have the best quality in the visual sector, which is currently the one most used by users.

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