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5 reasons for your company to have a presence on social networks

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5 reasons for your company to have a presence on social networks

According to a study carried out by IAB Mexico, 9 out of 10 Mexican Internet users carry their mobile devices with them all the time. México, DF- According to a study carried out by IAB México, 9 out of 10 Mexican Internet users carry their mobile devices with them all the time Ivory Coast Mobile Database.

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Imagine that social media disappeared

Users are increasingly made into the digital world, since on average they perform 8 daily activities, as their main engine is social networks with 88 percent , followed by email with 80 percent and the use of search engines with one 73 percent frequency. These figures show that currently, it is essential for companies Brother Cell Phone List to have a presence in digital media. That is why we give you 5 simple reasons so that your brand does not lose its place in the market.

1. Promotion
It is a way of publicizing your company, as well as using this medium to advertise it, so that the reach is greater through a tailored strategy.

2. Service
Offering services through social networks, generates engagement with the client, gives them a better experience and therefore word of mouth advertising is triggered.

3. Analysis
By this means the profile of the consumer and the target market can be detected; know what your preferences and needs are, and thus provide services and / or products more appropriate to your requirements.

4. Communication
The direct and one-to-one treatment is optimized, so that response times are better. Social networks simplify communication channels and allow to have a more personalized treatment with the client.

5. Feedback
In this way you can know, not only what are the consumer’s tastes, but also said by their own voice, the audience expresses their feelings, concerns or opinions about what is currently offered to them; as well as what they would like to receive from you.

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