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5 questions to ask if your brand is not working

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5 questions to ask if your brand is not working

Taking care of all aspects of your brand is the only way to enhance it. Know, investigate, compare are good verbs for this. Santiago, Chile.- Let’s suppose that after a long study, projections and several, you have launched a new brand on the market and although you know that positioning takes a while, it seems to you that the results, despite the active marketing campaign , are delaying a lot of Jordan Mobile Database. So it’s time to ask yourself some questions, answer them honestly, then evaluate the results and get down to business, which means changing your strategy now.

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Are you being clear when promoting your brand’s products and services? Remember that communication codes should be simple, even if they are aimed at complex audiences. The message should be direct (“as easy as for your grandmother to understand”), short and clear.

What are the elements that can confuse your audience ? Does your product, your brand or your image look like another company, similar or from another field? Research and clarify that point. In a world full of offers, the similarities can distract the consumer Brother Cell Phone List.

Are you targeting your efforts at the right audiences? Remember that it is not the number that counts for a brand, but the right segment and its loyalty.

Are you being very rational or very emotional in your campaign? Although we always insist on the importance of emotion, it is essential to clarify that not all products require this element as a central factor in a campaign. A bank, for example, needs a balance between both factors.

Does your brand have a personal language? It is necessary to define the language that identifies the company and everyone, without exception, must understand the reasons for its use, because the communication codes are part of an identity that must be noticed by the public, for the identification of and with the brand.

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