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5 keys to impress in less than 30 seconds

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5 keys to impress in less than 30 seconds

You only have 30 seconds or less to capture the audience’s attention, as is the case with videos, according to YouTube. International.- There is only 30 seconds or less to capture the audience’s attention Belarus Mobile Database, as is the case with videos, according to YouTube; which implies a great challenge for brands.

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In the digital world, there is so much information hosted that it is practically a constant battle of positioning between brands, since capturing the reader’s attention is essential to have a place in the market.

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There are a diversity of content styles and platforms, to achieve a rapprochement with the Internet user, which can be both good and counterproductive, since the user must choose the content that seems most relevant. That is why we give you 5 keys that will make your site a success.

Create an attractive title
As the saying goes, the first impression is what counts, an attractive title makes the content more likely to be read. It is recommended that it contain numbers, question marks Brother Cell Phone List, keywords that teach and / or be specific.

The first paragraph should be of high impact, usually includes figures that support the value of what is written later. Another tip is to make a brief conclusion that can be developed as the information is explained.

Make it visual
Highlight words, use italics, write short paragraphs. It is best to be explanatory without being more extensive than is required, because if at first impression a text is too broad it causes the reader to feel jaded even before starting to review it.

Use images and videos
A good way to be communicative and create engagement is through visual effects. Videos generally have the most traffic. According to Forrester data, videos have a 41 percent chance of being more viewed than text; in the same way, the images capture one of the first impressions, they also make the content more digestible.

Creating lists or bullets speeds up the reading and highlights the relevant information, so the mind assumes much better the information it is receiving. It is also a simple way to structure ideas.

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