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5 elements that cannot be missing in a successful video marketing

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5 elements that cannot be missing in a successful video marketing

Digital video ad spend increased 30.3 percent in 2014, according to ComScore data Bahrain Mobile Database.
México, DF- Advertising investment in digital video had an increase of 30.3 percent in 2014, according to data from ComScore.

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Likewise, Cisco estimates that by next year, 67 percent of web traffic will be caused by video views. These figures show that nowadays, videos are the best way to convey a message, as it is what the audience acclaims.

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A large part of the brands are joining this trend, as it turns out to be an excellent content strategy that can make a difference with the competitor, it is also the best option to become viral; However, a video marketing plan must consider the elements that constitute its proper development.

Short duration
Depending on the device is the attention that is captured in the receiver, a duration of between 15 and 20 seconds is recommended, mainly if it is promotional videos. The formats that are managed on Instagram and Vine are perfect for marketing campaigns, as well as facilitating the way to be shared organically.

Use of social networks
The main platform is YouTube, Mexico is the third country to use this network, so the potential is high, but there are also other sources, such as those mentioned above that Brother Cell Phone List are experiencing high growth, which implies greater diversity and visualization of this industry.

Clear message
The content must be relevant, the best thing is to make a video clip that is fun and educated at the same time, but in a concise way and with a direct message.

Original content
Even when the previous elements are fulfilled, if the development does not contribute something different to the consumer, he will lose all the attraction and potential audience that he may have.

If the information provided is protected with data from the industry, or even with the contact of the brand, the video will obtain greater credibility and therefore there is more interest in the product.

To this practice, interactive videos are also being added, since a user who feels part of, and who is able to decide the course of the story, has greater satisfaction, which causes engagement to grow exponentially.

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