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5 creative ways to do native advertising

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5 creative ways to do native advertising

Native advertising is that which is integrated into the natural editorial content of the page or into the functionality of the medium in which it is published. This way of advertising, although it is nothing new, is seducing brands and media, since they offer a new experience to the user and an online advertising business Colombia Phone Number List model with various creative possibilities where the brand is present, but is not perceived. as traditional advertising.

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In a recent guide published by IAB USA , the types of native advertising Phone Number List have been defined. Specifically, IAB refers to the following formats:

1. Announcement integrated into the editorial content. This format can have several variants:

A. Content created jointly by the advertiser with the editorial team of the medium, which is integrated with the rest of the content and internally links to another page within the site like any editorial article. It is measured in brand metrics such as interactions and awareness. Examples: Forbes Brand Voice, Mashable …
B. Sponsored links embedded in editorial content and leading to other pages (the brand page, for example). CTR and conversions are measured. Examples Youtube, Facebook, Twitter
C. An advertisement integrated into the content, with the same editorial aspect of the page and that allows the person to interact with it (play, read, watch …) without leaving the page. The metrics that are collected are interaction and awareness. Examples: Twitter, Instagram.

2. Ads in searches

This format is made up of the results highlighted in the searches, placed above or around the natural results, including an identifying disclaimer that links to the page externally. Conversion is measured and sold at a guaranteed location. Examples: Google, Bing, Yahoo.

3. Recommendation widgets

Recommendation widgets are also a form of native advertising where the ad or sponsored content is integrated into the page and does not have the appearance of editorial content, linking outside the site with expressions such as “you may also be interested”, “we recommend you” … . The metrics are like interactions and brand awareness. Examples: Outbrain, Taboola …

4. Promoted lists

Format used in sites that do not have editorial spaces, if not products or services. This format is based on the browsing experience, presenting itself in an identical way as the products or services offered on the site and linking to the brand’s external website. The direct response is measured. Examples: Etsy, Fousquare, and Amazon

5. Standard ads, integrated with native elements

Ads positioned outside the editorial area and with contextualized relevant content that link to the brand’s external page. They are measured in brand metrics such as interactions and awareness. The appearance should be similar to display ads, labeling it in a way that distinguishes it from normal content on the page. Examples: Onespot.

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