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5 brands that are using Vine for marketing

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5 brands that are using Vine for marketing

The Twitter platform for uploading six-second videos, Vine, is gaining popularity among brands, who see Vine as tools to get creative and achieve unique content Algeria Phone Number List. More related notes: Twitter burns at the excess of L’Oreal tinkering in spot with Diane Keaton 4 reasons to include Vine in your digital marketing strategy Vine launches its web profiles.

Victoria’s Secret renews its brand by getting rid of its angels
As of August 2013, Vine had 40 million registered users. You might think that six seconds is not enough to convey a message but there are brands that prove otherwise, especially those that are mastering the stop-motion technique. Here are five examples of brands that apply Vine to their marketing strategy , and that stand out.

Samsung is an example of a brand that masters the stop-motion technique. The brand regularly posts very creative videos with different themes taking advantage Phone Number List of the seasons, creating fun concepts. Currently Samsung mobile US has 21,800 followers.

One of Volkswagen’s most popular marketing campaigns on Vine was Shark Week, in which the convertible Beetle was invaded by an aquatic environment in digital illustration and animation. Volkswagen also updates regularly, puts behind-the-scenes videos, and some highlights of events.

One of the best Oreo campaigns for Vine was Halloween, in which they parodied horror movies in six seconds. They were also part of HBO’s #RoastJoffrey campaign in which all social media was invited to publicly hate one of the most despicable characters in the series.

The best thing about Dove is that it kept the coherence of the campaign it created for all media on Vine, which talks about accepting our beauty without thinking about stereotypes or expectations. Dove posts on Vine about two to three times a month, and so far has 2,852 followers.

The home improvement decorating and building brand was well received with a Vine video featuring a squirrel and cayenne pepper to prevent animals from eating the plants. Lowe’s Vine account has tips for the home in the form of creative stop-motion videos, this one being one of the most popular.

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