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5 basic steps to master SEO and position your business

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5 basic steps to master SEO and position your business

For any web page it is vital to have SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimization) to obtain more visits that result in a greater number of clients. Currently many companies are dedicated to SEO positioning through different techniques in order to reach defined objectives and it is a marketing strategy Lebanon Phone Number List that cannot be missing from any website. If you are willing to start SEO on your own, we help you with the basic first steps to understand and master it.

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1. Keywords
SEO positioning is achieved mainly with keywords or keywords. The idea is that you frequently use words that relate to your specific target. If your turn is artistic, you should use “art”, “artist”, “gallery” frequently. In this way, it is easier for search engines to identify your page and for readers it is easier to find it organically (that is, when they use the search engine). Phone Number List It’s like having free advertising if done right. It is advisable to have a list of keywords. If you need help to identify those in your field, there are special search tools for that like WordStream or Wordtracker

2. Quantity + quality
It is not enough to use keywords, you also have to make sure that your content is original and of quality; reliable and interesting. Take care of your spelling and show great control in the management of your area. The quality also applies to the images, find the best size and format, and never put images with too low resolution. Try to publish frequently, that also counts when the search engine positions you. It does not hurt to make periodic analyzes of what works in your audience and what does not with a balance of the most visited sections on your website.

3. Use as many tools as possible
There are tools like Google’s Webmaster Tools that will make your life easier, as they will help you to make diagnoses, check traffic and where it comes from, correct errors and know what things you should optimize precisely so that your page is completely compatible with the Google search engine. You can also use Google Analytics to review your statistics, bounce times, and approximate impressions. Register your website on sites like Stumble Upon and Del.ici.ous , which categorize web pages and present them to users according to their interests. Finally there are the already well-known social networks to advertise yourself, identify the ones that suit you best and use them.

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