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5 advantages of Smart TVs for marketing

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5 advantages of Smart TVs for marketing

56 percent of households have at least one television connected to the Internet, an increase of 44 percent since 2013.
International.- In the United States, 56 percent of households have at least one television connected to the Internet, which implies an increase of 44 percent since 2013, according to data Armenia Mobile Database from Leitchtmsn Research Group.

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As technology advances, the use and functions of smart TVs improve considerably, as there are more and more applications available for these devices, as well as enrichment in the design and increase in speed.

For this reason, brands bet every day to enter this market Brother Cell Phone List, since the options they have to reach the consumer are wide and attractive.

These five points to take into account will help reinforce the decision to invest in this sector.

Interactive ads
With the trends in consumer habits and technological development, it is now possible to create ads in which the viewer can interact, so that they are attracted to the surprises that creativity can bring.

Double screen
In addition to having a multi-screen option depending on the number of devices the user has, it is also possible to replicate the screen of a smartphone or tablet to that of the television. This expands the possibilities of scheduled ads, based on marketing strategies.

Video calls
Now long-distance communication is much easier, since video conferences or foreign meetings are simplified with the use of these technologies, in addition to saving on conventional calls.

Television on demand
The viewer decides what to watch and when to watch it, which implies valuable information for companies, since they obtain data from the user’s profile, which they themselves provide with their habits and lifestyle.

High definition
The fact of being a smart TV by default has high definition, so the display of the ads is much better appreciated.

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