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4 tips to take advantage of sporting events in your marketing strategy

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4 tips to take advantage of sporting events in your marketing strategy

Super Bowl, La Liga MX, Winter Olympics, the Champions League, the Soccer World Cup. There are many sporting events that are famous nationally and worldwide, and that can help us create a marketing strategy Hong Kong Phone Number List that goes according to the season in order to attract a specific target.

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Here are 5 tips to implement a marketing strategy that is coupled with the sporting events that cause such a stir.

1.- Make a calendar of events, schedule whatever is useful to you
Check the dates of all these sporting events, make a selection of the ones that most awaken your creativity and mark them on a calendar in which you also indicate the start and end dates of the campaign Phone Number List, so that you do not lag

2. Create limited-time offers using the sporting event as a pretext.
The idea is that you encourage consumers to buy instantly. Use phrases such as “On the occasion of the Mexican soccer final, 30% discount on botaneras and salseras”, it all depends on the field to which your company is dedicated and how creative you can get with sales at the moment.

3. Make an event
If your marketing and advertising budget allows it, you can create a special event to celebrate important matches, or the inaugurations of the Olympics, with the aim of connecting with people in a passionate and entertaining environment where you can take advantage to show your products. Look for sponsors to make your event attractive to consumers for free stuff or run a raffle.

4. Take the opportunity to change the design of your social networks
Without compromising the personality of your brand and your company, create fun designs that are related to the sporting event of your choice and use them to customize your social networks; Your Facebook and Twitter cover may have a specific sporting motif. This as long as any design allows your brand to continue to have the identity of always.

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