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4 tips to give good customer service on social networks

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4 tips to give good customer service on social networks

The new communication models allow companies to have a greater reach and a richer and more direct interaction with their clients; The use of the various social networks not only means a path towards direct sales and promotion of the products or services of a brand, but it can also function as the first agent that provides attention to the needs of users. Some brands in the United States use these platforms as strong allies to improve their service, such is the case of the company Morocco Phone Number List Argo Tea Café , which through a campaign invites its consumers to tweet about the service received, and the baristas they obtain more positive messages will be worth a prize.

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But how to provide effective customer service in such a critical environment? Here are some tips that you can put into practice.

Social networks are a medium where messages travel at high speed, so a timely response is vital to provide an effective service Phone Number List, do not rush to provide a solution, see what is within your reach to solve the problem, if it is it surpasses you direct it to the corresponding department.

Answer in a public way at the beginning, so other users will know that you really answer the questions that are exposed to you, and if it is a matter that requires a more confidential treatment, ask for an email account or a telephone number that you can contact.

Do a continuous monitoring of the doubts that you answered so you will know if the problem was solved in its entirety, which will increase the value of your account since a clear, timely and effective response is the best business card in customer service.

Specialized accounts:
In the United States, some brands created accounts that are specifically dedicated to customer service, such as Nike Support or Amazon Help; But if the budget prevents you, prepare yourself and know the aspects of the organization so that you have a high response margin.

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