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4 reasons to bet on e-commerce

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4 reasons to bet on e-commerce

A study carried out by the Mexican Internet Association pointed out that in Mexico there are 17 million people who buy online, and it is expected that there will be an increase of 47 percent in electronic commerce.

In countries like the United States, 62 percent of people make an online purchase at least once a month, according to a study by Walker Sands, and online sales are expected to increase by 36 percent worldwide compared to 2012 noted another study by eMarketer. The figures are clear, the great penetration of smartphones and the use of the internet are key factors that have made this new form of market grow Romania Phone Number List, which companies should take advantage of not only to promote their products and services, but also for the direct sale of the same.

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That is why we list four reasons to use e-commerce in your company.

Having a physical establishment involves expenses such as electricity, water, rent, etc. Therefore, having a virtual point of sale does not imply a cost as high as one could be in a tangible way; coupled with the fact that accessing an online store is easier than finding the location of a store Phone Number List.

Online commerce has tools that allow a greater distribution of content, generating a greater impact on consumers. With the help of social networks, services and products reach more people; just last Cyber ​​Monday Pinterest, according to data from TechCrunch, tripled retail store sales.

Brand and customer:
An effective use of this medium increases the level of satisfaction that a customer has with a brand, increasing the chances that your online store will be recommended.

Offering services in this way is a clear bet of companies to new methods and habits of consumers, is to listen to the needs of your users and understand what they need and how they get it, is to adapt to their ways offering the same quality but on a different channel.

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