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4 mobile trends that you cannot lose sight of

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4 mobile trends that you cannot lose sight of

The high levels of penetration of mobile devices in various parts of the world, as well as the habits of consumers, are important causes that the mobile field is constantly growing. Cayman Islands Phone Number List For brands, this landscape means endless opportunities to reach their consumers more directly, anywhere and at any time.

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The evolution of this technology as well as the new points of contact that it implies must be explored and understood by brands to take full advantage of the increasingly mobile characteristics that the consumer presents Phone Number List.

Next, considering information from Yankee Group , we present five mobile trends that every brand should keep in mind to improve their marketing strategies in this field:

1.-The rise of mobile instant messaging

According to the cited source, by the end of this year more than half of the social platforms will have an application or instant messaging service.

In this sense, Juniper Research estimates assure that by 2016 instant mobile messaging users will exceed 1.3 billion.

2.-Mobile video consumption will equal that of desktop

Thanks to the development of mobile devices, the birth of new functions and the optimization of mobile internet connections, the demand for mobile audiovisual content will be increasing.

Videos are the second most popular content for mobile users in Latin America (48 percent), only behind applications and games (81 percent), according to figures from The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) .

3.-Consolidation of m-commerce

With the birth and optimization of new mobile payment systems, electronic commerce through mobile devices will be consolidated and will be one of the most frequent purchasing activities among consumers.

Data from the Tata Consultant indicate that by 2015, sales through mobile devices will represent more than a third of total online commerce in Latin America.

4.-Greater investment in mobile

Investment in the mobile field will maintain constant and important growth in the coming years, as brands already recognize the impact that actions in this field have on brand building.

While a portion of the spending in this regard will go to developing marketing campaigns, it is also true that investment in analytics will grow considerably.

In this way, investment in mobile will double year after year, which by the end of this year is estimated to reach 259.30 million dollars while for 2015 it will reach 414.90 million, according to Mamoty .

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