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4 Examples of Social Media Plan on Twitter from 4 companies

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4 Examples of Social Media Plan on Twitter from 4 companies

Do you have to manage a company’s name and phone number list Twitter account and you don’t know how to do it? name and phone number list You may find inspiration in this article. We have taken four real businesses from different fields and we have asked four bloggers and alumni of Aula CM to prepare a Social Media Plan on Twitter for each of the companies. name and phone number list The objective of this collaborative post is to give these businesses concrete ideas so that they can improve their communication strategy on Twitter and help them. name and phone number list These are tips that can also be applied to other brands, so we hope they are useful for you. IN this case, name and phone number list it is an online art gallery whose business model is based on the sale of works from its artist catalog.

The name of this gallery is B&G BYGART, name and phone number list based in Picasso’s hometown, Málaga. name and phone number list The fundamental mission of this company framed within the cultural sector is: Promote and disseminate internationally the works of its network of collaborating artists. They use a virtual platform through the Internet, which allows greater diffusion, name and phone number list reach and immediacy in all their operations. And of course, selling through your virtual platform as the main source of income for both the gallery and the artists. name and phone number list This is why it is very important that all strategies in social networks,  name and phone number list and in twitter in particular, consider as their main objective to guide traffic to the web to boost conversions (or what is the same.

name and phone number list

get visitors to take a specific action previously defined, Gambling Email List that is, sales).  name and phone number list 6 concrete ideas for Twitter Target audiences We understand that the gallery’s target audience is the first thing they should focus on to disseminate content framed in a context. This public could be described as a lover of art with a high cultural level and a medium purchasing power (since its platform makes art accessible to less happy pockets) between the ages of 28 and 60. name and phone number list We remember that the content per post on Twitter is 140 characters, name and phone number list being less complicated than other networks, but it does require continuous non-stop communication with highly relevant and specific content of value

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