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38 news from Facebook, Instagram and Analytics to apply NOW

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38 news from Facebook, Instagram and Analytics to apply NOW

At Pro Marketing Day, mobile number list download Patricia, Fernando, Alex and Leticia told us about the most outstanding news and functions in Digital Marketing supported with creative ideas. In this post, mobile number list download we want to tell you everything that has been discussed in the presentation. From the most outstanding news on Instagram and Facebook, mobile number list download in online advertising to those of Google Analytics. All of them accompanied by examples so that you can apply them to your own projects. mobile number list download Instagram and Facebook are positioning themselves as the main protagonists of live videos, leaving social networks such as Snapchat and Periscope in the background. Live videos convert much more than traditional videos and also users comment on them 10 times more than normal ones. Likewise, mobile number list download for 2019, it is estimated that videos represent 80% of internet traffic.

These data give us clues when it comes to making a content strategy for a company where the video format should not be lacking. mobile number list download These are some of the most important advantages of streaming video: mobile number list download It is a very powerful tool that both entrepreneurs and brands should implement in their content strategy, as it increases the connection with the audience . It helps to humanize the brand . mobile number list download The fact of being able to convey that there is a person behind a company will increase trust with the user. In addition, the Facebook algorithm favors those accounts that publish live videos . With which, the reach will be much higher and the abandonment rate will be lower. mobile number list download Streaming videos have the power to cause a surprise effect on followers. That is , mobile number list download they are capable of engaging the user and awakening their curiosity.

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Live Instagram videos can now be downloaded and saved .  mobile number list download So far it was only available on Facebook. Although the interactions that have occurred in the live video are not saved (unlike Facebook). mobile number list download Instagram adds photo carousel to its posts. The carousel consists of a combination of photos, videos, boomerangs or even  Gambling Email List hyperlapses in a single post. You can upload up to ten photos and tag different people in each one. This function will allow the brand to publish the same content in a single post without saturating the user. mobile number list download Instagram adds new elements to its stories: such as filters, the rewind effect, locations and the call to action button «see more» that will favor web traffic (not yet available in all accounts, only in verified ones or with certain number of followers). mobile number list download Instagram Shopping , although it has not been implemented in Spain, is a great novelty that Instagram is including. Although there are some apps that will help direct sales for online stores without leaving the social network. mobile number list download Facebook adds a new advertising format, dynamic ads ,

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