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30 tricks to upload videos to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

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30 tricks to upload videos to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Video is going through one of its best moments in Online Marketing. all phone number list More and more platforms and social networks are promoting the use of this format. I want to give you 30 tricks to upload videos to Facebook, all phone number listYouTube and Instagram and have more visibility. all phone number list Some of these tips may surprise you. Every day more than 1 billion videos are viewed on Facebook. In this field, Mark Zuckerberg’s company all phone number list has been wanting to compete with YouTube for months . In fact, the latest data indicates that brands already upload more videos to Facebook than to YouTube.

Why? Because all the publications you make on Facebook with videos uploaded directly to its platform have much more reach than normal.To upload a video from your mobile , all phone number list you just have to enter publish, all phone number list click on the camera icon, access your reel and select the file. If you want to share it from your computer , all phone number list go to a new publication and click on the “photo / video” section. The menu that I show you below will be displayed. Go to “upload photos / video”, choose the audiovisual material and open it. You can upload videos to Facebook from your mobile without any problem, but there are certain options that can only be done from your computer, such as choosing the thumbnail of the video.

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If you want to publish the video from your smartphone, all phone number list a good trick is Gambling Email List to edit it later on your PC or Mac and access the possibilities for improvement that I will explain later. all phone number list The news and improvements that Facebook is introducing on videos increasingly remind us of YouTube. Now, when you upload an audiovisual file, a box appears for you to put a title and a category to the video. all phone number list  I suggest you do it and, in addition, all phone number list  write keywords related to the content that favor its positioning. Keep in mind that Facebook is working so that its search system will soon be as advanced as that of Twitter or Google. all phone number list We must also start thinking about SEO within this social network. all phone number list Before,  all phone number list when you uploaded a video to Facebook, the platform offered you 10 frames or still photos of your video so that you could choose one as the cover . all phone number list Now, in addition to this, you can customize the thumbnail. My recommendation is that you do.

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