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30 great examples of how to do Content Marketing

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30 great examples of how to do Content Marketing

Milena González, dubai phone directory search Community Manager specialized in Social Media, has made a great selection of 30 good examples of Content Marketing practiced by brands. Content is the best way for companies to connect with users . dubai phone directory search These real cases can serve as inspiration and reference. Mobile devices are more and more implanted and for that reason applications do not stop appearing on the market. Brands, aware of this reality, dubai phone directory search work on this unique form of content in order to include it in a user interaction strategy. Application development aims to take advantage of the advantages of mobile. The address book, voice recognition, the device’s camera, the portability feature and perhaps its best asset: dubai phone directory search geolocation. However, the competition is fierce and it is difficult to find an application capable of really connecting with the user, dubai phone directory search making him fall in love and capturing him.

More than 96% of applications are abandoned within a few weeks of being installed. dubai phone directory search A significant factor is that the application is complete, that it works well, that it delivers what it promises. Many companies have chosen to create applications that make it easier for the user to purchase their products or services. These applications are intended to improve the shopping experience and increase sales. They are essential for ecommerce . dubai phone directory search In this article we are not going to talk about them, but about those that offer valuable content to the user, that is, they solve a problem and put them in contact with the brand. This year will mark a decade since Adidas launched the MI Coach range in 2006 with Samsung. It was a response to the pioneering dubai phone directory search “Nike + iPod” that Nike had launched with Apple. It is nothing new, dubai phone directory search but for me it is the perfect model of everything that an application can do for a brand, a true case study.

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As an app, MI Coach is arguably the highest rated mobile fitness trainer by users. Gambling Email List dubai phone directory search Configured with the voice of elite athletes (soccer player David Villa, for the Spanish version, for example), this personal trainer generates an excellent customer experience. This Bruguer application, Visualizer, dubai phone directory search allows through augmented reality technology to “paint” the walls and see the results in real time on a mobile device. That is, the user is able to visualize the colors and obtain a realistic impression of how the final result could be once applied. Even with the furniture inside, that is, dubai phone directory search as the room is, it allows you to visualize it with another wall color. Yes, the idea is great. Today it is among the 100 most downloaded on the AppStore and opinions on Google agree that it is a good application and that it needs to be improved. dubai phone directory search Although content creation is designed to appear in the attraction phase,  dubai phone directory search I bring this example because that application also has a perfect place from a stage where the user already knows what is happening to him and what he needs.

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