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30 fresh gardening and landscaping logos that will make your brand grow

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30 fresh gardening and landscaping logos that will make your brand grow

Spending time in the garden means soft soil beneath our feet and the vibrant smells of blooming flowers as wind chimes sing in the breeze. As a brand that makes and maintains beautiful yards and gardens, your landscaping logo has to speak to humanity’s love of the outdoors and pride in the little slices of nature we call our own. There are a lot of unique ways to display your green thumb.

When you’ve got a bunch of logo ideas and you’re not sure which to nurture and which to prune, take a look at some awesome gardening and landscaping logo designs from our designers to sprout your imagination. What makes a great garden or landscaping logo — a great garden or landscaping logo is one that shows the world you’ve got a green thumb.


Get clever with your imagery

Whether you’re a garden supply store, a e-commerce photo editing commercial landscaper, a custom pond and patio builder or an independent gardener, your logo should make it clear that you’re the goto brand for beautiful outdoor spaces. Water droplet, half in blue and half in green, with the text “aqualawn” logo design by designer logofolder Com image of a clover made up of three different stones and the text “irish stone” logo design by designer dsrd traditional ways to do that are by incorporating leaves, gardening tools andor plants.

But that’s what most gardening and landscaping companies do… so how you can set yourself apart from orchards of leafy green logos and letterpress watering cans 1. Get clever with your imagery want to learn how to create the perfect logo for your brand get the free logo ebook enter your email to get the ebook, along with creative tips, trends, resources and the occasional promo which you can optout of anytime.

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Logos that are a breath of fresh air

Get the ebook by completing this form, you agree Gambling Email List to our terms of service and privacy policy. This site is protected by recaptcha and the google privacy policy and google terms of service apply. Experiment with the typical garden and landscaping palette of greens and gloves by using them in ways you. Haven’t seen before. In a space that’s dominated by rustic imagery and serene greens, maybe your brand can stand out with bold oranges and reds reminiscent of tiger lilies and Fazaleas.

Or you can also look to your brand’s specific strengths to figure out how to use brand imagery in new ways. For example, if your microbe blend grows plants larger, you might communicate that with nesting dollstyle tomatoes on your logo. 2. Be true to yourself the other component of designing a great gardening or landscaping logo is being true to your brand.

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