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3 ways to use Instagram direct for Digital Marketing

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3 ways to use Instagram direct for Digital Marketing

The era of digital marketing evolves from the simple promotion of the product to the option of creating personalized relationships between consumers and the brand, direct Instagram allows a greater approach to the customer. Related notes: Instagram, possible medium for news and newspapers 65 percent of the best brands are on Instagram Instagram in your digital marketing strategy Afghanistan Phone Number List.

Instagram Introduces New Feature To Get People Scrolling

Customers really want more than an efficient operation of the brand or information on new products, there is always a better way to sell, so tools like Instagram become an effective application to achieve a closer relationship.

In the last statistic released by Instagram in January 2013, it already had a flow of 90 million users with an increase of 10 percent from month to month, in terms of uploaded photographs, it is estimated at 40 million uploaded per day.

Direct Instagram now allows you to create a level of experience, as the name implies, “more direct”, brands can now handle personal messages containing photos and up to 15-second videos, similar to the functionality of a Twitter direct message Phone Number List.

The messages can be shared with the people or groups of up to 15 people and can attract the users who are more likely to use the applications.

With this application, the brand can express detailed information about its products and services, targeting a specific market within its long list of followers in the Social Network as well.

With the use of the short video you can also solve customer service problems and in some cases defend the brand.

How do you use Instagram Direct?

First, take a photo and / or record a video. Adding effects, filters and subtitles will always give the client a better and more striking image.

Next, tap on an option called “direct” on the screen.

Tap on the name of the followers you want to send the video and / or photo.

Finally, click on “send”.

Use Instagram Direct for Digital Marketing

Organize a contest: For example, upload a product photo with instructions indicating that the first 10 people to comment on it will receive a direct message with detailed information on how to enter a secret contest.

Another example is asking each of the 10 people to submit a photo of themselves using the product to win prizes.

Promote new products: Use select groups of followers to introduce them to a new product through direct Instagram.

You can send a private message that contains a photo of a newly launched product, but you cannot share it on social media sites, thus promoting buzz, research, and word of mouth.

Remember to also include a link.

Coupons and Promotions: Reward your top followers with exclusive sales promo codes and coupons. These are the people who comment and share your content the most frequently.

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