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3 successful brands thanks to a Facebook post

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3 successful brands thanks to a Facebook post

The popularity of a brand in social networks and specifically in Facebook can grow in such a way that millions of people manage to see a single post in just a few days. This is the case of these three brands that in Mexico had a great impact on said social network Italy Phone Number List.

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The brands with the most fans on Facebook during 2013

The first two were Coca-Cola Zero and Corona , their publications on Facebook achieved maximum popularity during the month of December 2013, with only three posts they achieved around 308 thousand interactions in 31 days, according to Social bakers Phone Number List.

Coca Cola Zero posted on December 5 the image in which the brand promoted the exclusive broadcast of Metállica in Antarctica on its online television channel.

The successes of this brand in the use of the social network were to include key elements such as the image of a snowy passage, icons that represent winter clothes, a hand that expresses the greeting of the musical group and another in allusion to the Coca TV channel Cola, your logo and a hashtag.

With the help of these elements, the publication reached until December 31, 2013 the number of 108 thousand likes, 3 thousand 407 comments, was shared 20 milk times and achieved an engagement rate of 12.3 percent, according to Socialbakers.

For its part, Corona reached good numbers with two posts, one on December 13 and another on December 16.

His first image featured a bucket of beers, with a bottle of them up to the front and the legend that says “The owner of my fortnights.” The image shows the brand name three times, one of them with its traditional logo in the upper left (as in all its publications). It also features the hashtag #MomentosCorona.

With this publication, it obtained 77 thousand likes, 1,647 comments, was shared 25 thousand times and reached an engagement rate of 1.85 percent.

Finally, the León brand , also belonging to Corona with its publication of a congratulation to the football team that bears his name when it won the title of the 2013 opening tournament. The total number of interactions was 73 thousand.

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